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You gotta love this time of year if you are a....

Posted on: March 7, 2009 4:04 pm

Got to be a college Basketball fan this time of year.  All of the Conference Tourneys begin this week , Selection Sunday in a week, and then it all gets started with 4 full days of NCAA bliss.  College basketball from morning till night.  Thursday thru Sunday.  I live for these 4 days this time of year.  From tryin to decide the Cindarella to the National Champs, this is what the definiton of college sports means.  Craziness, buzzer beaters, the lil team that could.  Man I love this.  Watching the Big East and ACC tourneys will be enough to get the fire started.  FromBig East tourney in New York to the MAC in Cleveland to Big Ten in Chicago,  SEC in Atlanta, and PAC 10 in California.  All across the land many games will be watched. Some games will be remembered others just another game.  This is just a tease till the big dance begins.  When the dance begins everyone will know.  You ahve got to love this time of year!!!!

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Posted on: March 9, 2009 4:27 pm

You gotta love this time of year if you are a....

I am totally with you duke bb 4sure.  I understand that Duke-NC is the greater of the games but these kids in MVC Championship deserve as much as the next college athlete at UNC or Duke.  Too much is placed on money these days and the Schools with more of it get what they want.  Good luck to your Devils in the "Dance".

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Posted on: March 8, 2009 5:36 pm

It's not who wins, it's watching the whole game

I live in VA and I am the biggest Duke fan I know except my brother-in-law. BUT I am calling for every TRUE basketball fan to watch the Duke-NC game and boycott all of the sponsors. I ask this since CBS decided to leave the MVC Championship Game that was in overtime with about 2:00 remaining, to go to the start of Duke-NC. The person who decided to make the switch should be terminated, job or otherwise. CBS did not leave the last 2:00 of the Michigan State, Purdue game that was essentially over to go to the start of the MVC Championship game.

I have Cox cable and a few years ago the broadcast each of the regions on their separate channel. CBS decided to not allow that any longer and showed the games via the Internet. You have to be a moron to want to watch a basketball game on the Internet over the TV. When you had the option to watch the best-competitive-closest game it was basketball heaven. Now thanks to CBS it is basketball hell.

I know I could switch back to DirecTV to watch all the best games, unless of course it is raining, than I don't get to watch any. At least they did get rid of Billy Packer, I am in a Bball pool of over 250 people and could never find anyone who liked to listen to him. In fact nobody in the pool could find anyone who they knew who like him.


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